Schedule of Events 2018

Please help us welcome Julie Rushmore as our Grad Invited Speaker this  Friday April 27th, 2018 !

0915-1030  Meet & greet coffee hour with IB graduate students (Cord 3021 – Conference Room)  coffee hour and breakfast hosted by IB grads

1030-1200  Meetings with individual labs (30 mins total, sign your lab up here!)

1200-1300  Science communication workshop and OSU graduate student lunch (Cord 3021) lunch provided by OSU catering (reserve spot here!)

1330-1430  Seminar (open to the public): “Linking Sociality to Disease: Insights for Pathogen Transmission and Control in WildlifeSpecies” (ALS 4001) light refreshments provided

1700-1800  snacks and bevs at Bellhop (150 SW Madison Ave, downtown Corvallis)

1800-??? IB graduate student dinner at Bellhop (150 SW Madison Ave, downtown Corvallis)  IB department will contribute funds towards the cost of food (reserve spot here!)