Schedule of Events 2016

Rebecca will be visiting us  Friday April 8th, 2016

0900-1000  Meet & greet breakfast with IB graduate students (Cord 3030 – Dornfeld)  breakfast provided by OSU Catering (reserve spot here!)

1000-1200  Meetings with individual labs (30 mins total, sign your lab up here!)

1200-1300  OSU graduate student brown bag lunch, all departments welcome (Cord 3021) pizza lunch provided (reserve spot here!)

1330-1430  Seminar (open to the public): “The Role of Adaptation in Speciation: an Integrative Approach” (ALS 4001) light refreshments provided

1800-?  IB graduate student dinner at Sky High brewery, (160 NW Jackson, downtown Corvallis)  IB department will contribute funds towards the cost of food (reserve spot here!)